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Centricity® Practice – Practice Management (PM) helped your practice reduce billing costs and speed collections.

Centricity® Practice – Electronic Medical Record (EMR) helped your providers document and track all aspects of patient encounters.

Centricity Practice Solution now combines the strengths of both the PM and EMR applications, using the same Microsoft SQL database.


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Training for your success! Training is successful if the trainees can demonstrate that they have mastered the material. They should be able to apply the newly developed skills in the workplace, and their performance should improve in a ways that benefit the individual as well as the organization Five Keys to Successful Training  Value Every organization is full of training needs or performance improvement opportunities. An opportunity exists when there is a large performance gap among employees in the same job or function, or when something new must be learned by all employees. This is when training can lead to increased efficiencies and effectiveness or even productivity for the organization.   Focus - Training should focus on all significant performance factors, not only knowledge and skills, but also other aspects such as clarity of expectations, lack of capacity, poor work flow design, lack of positive incentives, and inadequate resources. An organization in support of training will assure effective learning.  Power - Interventions must be powerful or influential enough to conquer all the potential resistance to change. Mass - A support system is usually essential for trained employees to sustain their new knowledge and skills over time. It is important to pay close attention not only to what training we are providing, but also to whom and when are we providing it.   Duration - It is nearly impossible to attain long-term, demonstrable performance improvement with a single training session. Newly acquired skills will take time to set in and become part of a person's skill-set.  The idea of duration combines the idea of ongoing training with a four-step process for training: System adjustment Preparation Training Follow-up   Adapted from Spitzer, Dean. Five Keys to Successful Training. Training, June 1986.

It’s Time To Get Serious About Patient Collections

By Elizabeth Woodcock, MBA, FACMPE, CPC

As employers and insurers place more financial responsibility on patients, now is an opportune time to evaluate your practice's collections cycle. Your ability to collect what patients owe you declines dramatically once they leave the office. It has been estimated that you'll collect just 60 cents of each dollar owed by a patient after s/he walks out your door.

That leaves 40 percent of your expected collection from patients, on average, as bad debt – something your practice can ill afford. You'll be at an increased disadvantage as the percentage of your total receivables owed by patients increases. Here are some tips to shore up your collections cycle:

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Centricity® Practice

Imagine what your practice can be... GE Healthcare invites you to see for yourself how it's award-winning practice management solutions can simplify your office processes and save you money. What you should know about practice management solutions from GE Healthcare: Presents a comprehensive view of your organization's finances Proven nationwide, with thousands of satisfied users in every specialty Anchored by a streamlined, intuitive, patient centric workflow Provides seamless connectivity to your business partners Especially suited to small to mid-size physician office organizations "Charges are up 25 percent, mainly because we increased our scheduling efficiency. And our staff gained 20 to 25 hours per week more productivity." - Dr. Jonathon FialkowCardiovascular Center of South Florida Centricity practice management solutions can reduce or eliminate duplication, minimize billing errors and help increase the profitability of your practice. High-performance revenue cycle solutions that are as sophisticated as your organization Best-in-class automation and electronic data interchange capabilities (EDI)   An easy-to-use, web-based graphical user interface Clear identification of the critical trends and dynamics impacting bottom line   Intuitive patient scheduling and charge posting Seamless integration with clinical information systems including GE Healthcare's Centricity EMR   Enterprise-level security to support user-defined workflow Turnkey and application service provider (ASP) options   Proven stability and support from experienced customer account representatives       Improving the financial health of your practice Discovers problems with insurance information proactively   Detailed claim and remittance analysis, ensuring efficient and accurate billing Handle unlimited managed care fee schedules, payer analysis, physician productivity and reimbursement analysis of procedures   Compare reimbursements by code and procedure for all payers, easing collections and helping to manage cash flow