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As the labor force shifts its needs, GE Healthcare IT is responding with how we prepare students to meet future job requirements.

College curricula are typically geared towards practice management, clinical management, or information technology. However, few curricula address the skill development needs required for IT database management/administration, from both the revenue cycle and EMR perspectives. While colleges still teach students to become nurses, medical assistants, or MBAs, new graduates learn quickly that practices are using a hybrid of those skills. Today's HCIT manager faces complex challenges of managing software environments, keeping current with Meaningful Use and driving technical change and accountability throughout the organization, while ensuring maximum efficiency in software usage to track ROI.

The Centricity Practice Solution (CPS) College and University Online Learning Program is designed to capitalize on this need by creating online curricula with actionable and practical content, and incorporating product tutorials actually used in the implementations. The program includes access to the Centricity Customer Portal (CCP), which houses an online learning library of self-paced learning courses that incorporate visual instruction, as well as technical and workflow considerations for Practice Management (PM) and EMR software modules. Your instructors may assign role-based, Computer Based Training (CBT) curricula, or individual CBT courses to groups of students, track student progress and view course completions using the wizard-based tools available with the CCP. The program includes the following features:

  • 24-hour, unlimited access with any computer with an Internet connection
  • As new versions of the product are released, your CBT library will update to reflect new courses available.
  • Completions for individual students are recorded in the CCP, and are available via wizard-based reports
  • Access to the CCP does not require complex software to be loaded to begin your training. All that is required is access to a PC with Internet access, and basic Microsoft Windows, mouse and computing skills.
  • Access to the courses is provided for a one-year subscription.
  • You can use and reuse the tutorials to enhance existing course work for an unlimited number of students during the year.

Demonstration of the CBTs - Take a look at a couple of the newest CBTs
Requirements: speakers turned on, and pop up blockers deactivated.
EMR 9.8 Upgrade CBT - EMR 9.8: What's New CBT Library Guide
CPS 12 PM CBT - CPS 12 PM CBT Library Guide

Libraries offered:

  • GE Hosted CPS EMR Library Unlimited Student Access $3000 for a one-year subscription PN 2071493-001.
  • GE Hosted CPS PM Library Unlimited Student Access $3750 for a one-year subscription PN 2071495-001.
  • GE Hosted CPS PM & EMR Library Unlimited Student Access $6750 for a one-year subscription PN 2071494-001.


We also have a team of Instructional Developers who can help customize learning content, design a Learning Management Environment, or help develop courseware for your institute.
Consulting $200/Hr PN 2024151-001.

For more information, and to enroll in the CPS College and University Online Learning Program, click here (link opens in new browser window).