Custom Report Request

GE HealthcareCentricity Practice Solutions includes over 150 standard reports. At times however, specific data may be needed that is not included in a standard CPS report. In such cases you may choose to either attend the Custom Reports Training or request that GE design and create the report for you based on your requested specifications.

Custom Reports Training

If you are looking for education in modifying and/or creating custom reports (PM or EMR), please click here to view the current schedule or click on Classroom Training on the Main Menu.

Design Services

We offer design services at an hourly charge of $250 (minimum one hour). Custom reports experts will work with you to determine the design layout, how the report should query fields and group the results. You can significantly reduce the cost of design by being as specific, accurate, and comprehensive as possible on your original request.

What to Expect
When you click on the link below to request a custom report, be prepared to be as specific as possible in describing what information you are looking for on a report as well as what filters you require. Your report complexities will determine the number of hours required to complete and deliver your report. Once we receive all the necessary information, including a prototype, we will provide a quote and determine method of payment. To expedite your report request, our preferred method of payment is via PayPal. Otherwise, we can request a contract from your Inside Sales representative.

If we have questions regarding your request, we will contact you to ensure we have quoted the appropriate number of hours. Once the payment or contract is received, we will begin work on your custom report request. Typical delivery time is 3-6 weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to fulfill any requests for custom modifications to Meaningful Use Reports or the MU Activity Log.
VAR customers please contact your VAR directly.

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